• Lilith Whitic

    • LandGermany
      AugenfarbeBlue and grey
      Kleidergröße EU34 / XS
    • Brust88cm
      PiercingsFace, Ears, Mouth,cleavage,Breasts,Stomach,Genital
      Tattoosleft lower arm

    Warum magst du es Latex zu tragen?I love the unique, shiny look and I think especially as a woman it is just wonderful how latex brings out the best of your body shape no matter what kind of body type your are!
    Wie bist du zum Modeln gekommen?In spring 2013 a photographer from my country messaged me via social media and asked me for a photoshoot. After this he helped me to find my way into this wonderful job and to get more photographers interested in mine as a model. (I'm still really thankful for this btw!)
    Was sind deine bisher größten Erfolge?Every single photo is a success for me, cause all of my passion and love goes into this work but after all my catwalk runs on events like the FE make me proud af, haha.
    Wo kann man mehr von dir sehen?www.facebook.com
    Instagram (Lilith_Whitic)

    • Lilith Whitic
    • Lilith Whitic
    • Lilith Whitic
    • Lilith Whitic
    • Lilith Whitic
    • Lilith Whitic
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