• Ms. Bittersweet

    • CountryGermany
      Hair ColorBlack / Magenta
      Eye ColorGreen / Blue
      Dress-size EU36 (S)
      Shoe Size38
    • Breast90
      PiercingsSeptum, Belly

    Why do you like to wear Latex?Because it feels so good on my skin. I love everything about it, also the smell. You always look shiny and perfect in it.
    How did you get into modeling?A friend of mine asked me long time ago.
    What are your greatest successes as a model until now?Every shoot/Show is successful for me. I really love it. Last year I was part of the Show of Videnoir. This was so much fun. Also I was part of the Show of Exxess Latex at Avantgardista in Munich last year.
    Where can we see more of you? Ms. S. Bittersweet and/or Facebook: ms.bittersweet666

    • Ms. Bittersweet
    • Ms. Bittersweet
    • Ms. Bittersweet
    • Ms. Bittersweet
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