• Stella Curve

    • CountryGermany
      Hair ColorBlonde
      Eye ColorBlue
      Dress-size EU36/38
      Shoe Size38
    • Breast75D
      PiercingsBelly button

    Why do you like to wear Latex?I like to wear latex because, I find it very fashionable and stylish!
    It feels very light on my skin and my curves. The latexshine is on awesome sight and for many fetishists and or lovers a pleasure in the case of mine too!
    I love glamorous Designers Latex Parts!
    In addition, it is very elastic and i feel very well in the latex!
    How did you get into modeling?I came to modeling in 2012 by a privat shoot @PeterW.Czernich. It was very exciting and interesting for me!
    It has shaped me for the future as you can see!
    What are your greatest successes as a model until now?Marquis Fetish Magazin
    PeterW.Czernich / FETISH PHOTOGRAPHY November 2012 The Girls of Marquis Stella Curve 2013 Calendar
    Fetish Evolution 2016
    Ninja Show Marquis / Fetish Evolution2016
    Marquis the Fetish Magazine No.65 Stella Curve Ninja Show Avantgardista 2017 Fashionista Stella Curve
    HW-Design Calendar Stella Curve October 2018
    Heavy Rubber No. 37 Stella Curve (Avantgardista2018)
    My new website December 2017 www.stellacurve.com
    My Calendar 2018 Stella Curve
    Where can we see more of you? ____________________________________________
    Photos: PeterW.Czernich
    Hair/Mua: AngiDelrey
    Latexdesigns: MarquisLatexFashion / Chiracc Couture / Fantastic Rubber

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